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I think a lot about change. The changing forms and people we encounter within ourselves over time, the interconnection between this inner state and the external world- truly, a stage in which to enact our artful narratives. My work in both non-static forms and stable constructions explores these stories, tales of transitions between who we once were and who we will become, individually, communally, societally. It acts as an invitation to forge deeper awareness between the viewer and the natural world, finding community in the spaces around us and crafting them to suit our deepest desires. I am fueled to create this through trusting in chance interaction of materiality and a continued effort to hone in on my most essential curiosities. This curiosity that we all exhibit is the same driving force asking a leaf to grow a certain way, a tree branch to jut out into open sky for more access to sunlight.

Whether tattooing ink into skin, reciting poetry from the heart, experimenting with different sculptural forms, constructing an installation space, painting a channelled scene, or surrendering to the process of performance, the act of art-making is a meditation and provocation. Like our interwoven patterns of growth, these mediums flow between to create work that is not solely about heightened craft, but instead art’s capability to cultivate exaltation in the process of being.



Memorial Union, UW Madison
March 25 - May 6

What we do
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