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Strip Trees

A Sensual and Ecological Experience

A collaborative piece with Gracie Wallner for our ART 318 class (Video, Installation, and Performance Art), combining our two semester-long themes (human/nature connection/disconnection, and ecosexuality). The event was composed of the main tent, which is where our artistic statements, land acknowledgement, baked goods and cider for sale, and Tip Jar existed. The main circle of trees was our Documented zone, where we danced to a playlist cultivated for the Strip Trees experience and communed with the natural world, in a sensual way positioning ourselves and Mother Nature as sex workers. All tips left in the jar for our performance and/or for the goods we had for sale went directly to a black-owned environmental organization, WEACT for Environmental Justice.  The other interactive elements of the experience we built contained a space labelled “Thoughts,” where people could journal about their ideas and experiences in that space, or create another type of art while sitting in a natural environment. Finally, multiple chairs were set up throughout the area of Olin Turville park we performed in, creating meditative zones for those who felt the calling to listen to Earth rather than directly participate. Overall, we raised over $75 for WEACT, and experienced a fulfilling communion simultaneously.

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